Current funded projects


CAREER: Tailoring Rheological Behavior and Interlayer Properties of 3-D Printing Concrete (NSF 1653419)



Past funded projects

  • Investigation of the Mechanisms underlying Crystalline Waterproofing, RPM Vandex Group
  • BRIGE: Characterizing the Rheological and Microstructural Evolution of Oil Well Cement Slurries under Elevated Temperature and Pressure Conditions (NSF EEC-1342377)
  • Elucidating the contribution of thixotropy on the flow curve and critical shear rate of fresh cement mortars (Columbia University Provost’s Grant Program for Junior Faculty)
  • Interaction of Admixtures and its Effect on the Evolution of Thixotropic Breakdown and Recovery of Cementitious Systems (ACI CRC #79)
  • Mitigating External Corrosion of Pipelines through Nano-Modified Cement-Based Coatings (US DOT DTPH56-13-H-CAAP06)