Prof Kawashima currently teaches two courses in the Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Department. Other courses offered by the Department can be found in the SEAS course bulletin.


ENME E3114y: Experimental Mechanics of Materials

The aim of this undergraduate course is to review then deepen the understanding of stress analysis of structural members (e.g. uniaxial tension/compression, buckling, flexure, creep/fatigue and torsion), fundamentals of stress and strain, and constitutive relations for engineering materials exhibiting various behaviors, e.g. linear-elastic, viscoelastic, and elasto-plastic. An integral part of the course are the weekly labs that take place in the Carleton Strength of Materials Lab, where experiments are supported by the Carleton lab staff. The labs are designed to investigate material properties and the behavior of structural elements. Experiments include tension/compression, torsion, flexure, creep/fatigue, buckling, and impact/hardness; and engineering materials tested include plastics, metals, wood, and concrete. Prerequisite: ENME E3113 Mechanics of Solids


CIEN E4021x: Elastic and Plastic Analysis of Structures

This graduate-level course covers linear-elastic structural analysis, with a focus on indeterminate structures, and plastic structural analysis. Linear elastic methods include classical indeterminate methods (i.e. force and displacement) and approximate methods. And basic theorems and methods of plastic analysis include collapse analysis and shakedown. Prerequisite: CIEN E3121 Structural Analysis